MXT’s vehicle simulator was designed working alongside the UK Government company National Highways. It is a virtual validation solution to study the many circumstances that affect the performance of drivers and road transport systems and it does so in a safe, repeatable environment.

Human factors research

The safety and satisfaction of road users is impacted by their interaction with vehicle and road transport technologies.

By examining how drivers use proposed, and existing, transport systems through the measurement of distraction, fatigue and impairment factors. We can:

  • Examine the attitudes and behaviour of drivers in a safe and controlled environment
  • Test and measure drivers’ performance
  • Inform legislation, transport policy, and road technology innovation

Simulation Hardware

The driving simulator incorporates a compact motion platform and mixed reality camera technology.

Our software immerses drivers in a digital scene, whilst simultaneously incorporating elements of the real world. Drivers can see themselves operating the virtual vehicle.

Our compact driving simulator enables:

  • Multiple innovative ideas be tested under the same conditions
  • Close control of the scenario provides robust evidence of cause and effect
  • Safe testing of emergency situations
  • Alignment with Department for Transport’s “Pilots and Trials” guidance
  • Reduces the time to run an on-road live trial

Data Collection and Analysis

Our data collection and analysis integrates bespoke bio-metric and driver performance analysis with structured qualitative interviews delivered by Human-Centred Design (HCD) research partners.

Biometric Analysis

We incorporate eye tracking and physiological monitoring to gives an in-depth understanding of driver response.

Driver Performance

We measure how the piloted vehicle behaves and how it interacts with surrounding traffic.

Sentiment research

We collaborate with industry partners to provide a structured qualitative research component to enable an holistic understanding of driver behaviour.

Scenario Development

The simulator’s underlying software is composed of a set of modular, interlinked, applications. These applications are designed to support MXT’s work by enabling the efficient recreation of compliant UK road networks and traffic simulations.

This means we can routinely produce virtual road environments and scenarios that are faithful to their real-world counterparts.