Toby Pettinger

Toby works closely with our sister company in the US and founded MXTreality here in the UK. For twenty years he led national and multinational service delivery teams spanning IT, Creative Services, Printrooms, Postrooms, and Engineering, with clients including Goldman Sachs, Office Depot, Virgin Atlantic, the Home Office, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Justice, and many others in both the Public and Private sectors.

Fascinated by the “Human/Technology Interface” and the potential for immersive technology to enhance individual development and company capabilities, he originally launched the London office with the goal of introducing Immersive Technology simulation to architects. Over the years, his appreciation for the power of Immersive technology has grown, along with the scope of the company’s capabilities, and the practical applications of the technology. Today, that scope includes helping blue light emergency response training, large scale construction project visualisations, and more.

“Ask any member of the team and any of our clients; they will tell you that the human experience is front and centre of everything that we do both technically and in terms of delivery. I’m proud that our team can always achieve the right solution, technically. What also sets us apart is the way we work with our clients, whether it’s to preserve a World Heritage site, understand behaviour and performance, or save lives. Putting the human experience at the heart of our work enables the best, most appropriate, outcomes enhancing training efficacy, revolutionising communication through experience, mitigating risk, saving time and money.”